28 Often Overlooked Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Last updated on April 5, 2021

Outdoor wall decor ideas are a great way to spruce up your backyard. These are the most often overlooked outdoor decor and design ideas that make all the difference.

What's Inside?

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Walls with Natural Greenery

outdoor wall decor

Natural plants are a type of plant that is best suited for exterior spaces.

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Fancy Fence

If you have an ugly fence in your backyard, and it’s ruining the look of your backyard, you can turn it into a beautiful feature wall and decorate it with bamboo.

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Use Color

how to hang plates on the wall

One homeowner I knew decided they wanted their outdoor space to look more natural. They had a green wall that looked wooden at the start. They wanted to update their look and fix it so it would work with the natural brick on the inside. A great idea would be to contrast things and consider building a stone patio with exposed mortars or decomposed granite next to some brightly colored plants that match up well with the paint you use on your house’s outside walls.

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Porch Wall Decor Ideas

When designing a porch, one should consider activities that will be taking place there, and base the arrangement on these different activities. Signs can become great focal points for your decoration and plants are also helpful in creating a garden feeling. Letters provide a nice touch to many of the decorations in your porch walls. Consider creative items like shutters and lattice woodwork, which offer space to create floral arrangements or small gardens inside the wall area. By following these tips from this document you will make your outdoor space an inviting retreat for yourself or friends and family members which brings us back to our original statement of designing piers outside where people can hang-out with loved ones outdoors.

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Make It Personal

Pictures can be a good way to personalize any space. You can print your favorite family photos to put on the walls of your porch or deck to make them more meaningful and charming. You could also take multiple pictures and merge them into a unique shape on the canvas.

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Custom Signs

letters with spacers

One idea people have for their backyard is to invest in custom signage for people to see. So instead of just using a metal that is known that it won’t corrode, they can use aluminium. Unlike rust which produces oxidation, oxidation would form on the aluminium production and make it more durable as time goes by.

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Vintage Canoe Paddles

Vintage paddles, fishing net, a fishing float, etc., can also be used to decorate outdoor walls.

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Patriotic Wall Mural

This is because of the “new classic” aesthetic, making people feel cozier when they have an outdoor kitchen area and a covered patio. Use this new approach to make the place feel more comfortable by hanging a custom American flag mural.

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Hang a Clock

Hand a metal wall clock to make it feel like indoors.

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One decoration is gold votive holders and these are centered. There is also a TV that would be great for people to watch while they lounge at the poolside. In general, indoor furniture does not always work well outdoors so when designing an outdoor space you’ll want to look for pieces that one might enjoy both indoors and outdoors.

A taupe shiplap wall decorates this pool cabana featuring a lovely hammered texture in the center with a TV at its heart as well as other amenities such as free-standing lamps or furniture sets that are best suited for outdoor use and could also work efficiently indoors.

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Objects Built for the Outdoors

Use things built to withstand water and salt. Such as a wall-mounted vintage surfboard.

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Wall Spotlight

A welcoming addition to the roof deck would be making a feature wall out of AstroTurf. This will catch guests’ attention and make space more fun for everyone. Additional features, like the patio fireplace and outdoor TV, complete this outdoor retreat that is impossible to resist. Introduce decorative fire pits, charming decks with entertainment consoles, and acoustical walls without having to leave – it’s very hard to stay away once you’ve had your fill!

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Make the Most of Natural Greenery

The patio with a gorgeous trellis grass pattern on their outdoor wall, which is a pretty way to spruce up an area. The footpath with brilliant flowers is stunning for guests to appreciate.

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Faux Outdoor Mantel

A person doesn’t have to wait until the holidays to do a faux mantel even if it is outdoors.

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Wood Fence Feature

There is considerable anxiety and apprehension in designing curtains for a poolside. Choose wisely as you will be looking at them for the duration of your natural life.

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Pool Decor

Yes, outdoor art is a thing. These types of art stay vibrant and beautiful all year round which is beneficial because the owner of this home has an outdoor pool. Its important that these types of pieces are firmly secured so they do not blow away and cause injury.

Yes, outdoor art is a thing. These types of artwork stay colourful and gorgeous all year round which offers many benefits such as for owners with outdoor pools. Ensuring these types pieces are strong enough to not blow away by frequently checking up on them would prevent injuries or accidents from occurring.

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Traditional Outdoor Wall Art

If you have an appreciation for traditional arts, it can be used as decor in your outdoor space. I looked at this picture which has some beautiful paintings on it. Posters are good to use on verandas and patios but they shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight and high humidity conditions.

The only caveat is that outdoor posters need to have shaded areas so that they don’t fade from being in sun or become discolored by humidity.

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Beachy Decor

A wooden beach-like feel can be created by using vintage canoe paddles, fishing nets, vintage lobster traps and antique fishing floats.

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Use Plants

There are over 50 plants that have been placed in creatively arranged pots in a way that is designed to show the beauty of what plants can be grown in the space of someone’s home.

The article is about how aesthetically pleasing different tiers and planters can look by placing them strategically against walls, on sideboards or at a free-standing plant stand. It identifies fifty plants for decoration purposes.

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Wrought Iron Outdoor Wall Decor

wrought iron decor

Wrought iron decoration is great for your wall especially if you want to create words and beautiful curves or patterns. To achieve this, you can go to modern or abstract art. Wrought iron decoration will surely add coziness and uniqueness to your patio.

Isn’t wrought iron just the most perfect decorative material in the world? You can use it for gates, fences, outdoor furniture among a million other things but also for your wall decor too! I love the idea of using wrought iron as a way of creating words and making beautiful objects that only normally exist in abstract art pieces. I even found this awesome artist on Instagram by the name of “libesl” who does incredible things with wrought-iron decor!

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Cozy Outdoor Space

With only minimal things, this porch not look inviting?

Can’t you just see the cozyness on this deck? It has a plain composition of plants in hanging pails and some few white furniture. And there’s the penetrating shade that complements them blithely against the walls.

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Recycled Decor

Recycling is when you reuse environmentally friendly materials to create new products, and that’s what this document is about. They mention recycling old things as decorations on the exterior walls of a house like used windows and planters, which are both mentioned in the paragraph.

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Include Outdoor Objects 

If you want your outdoor area to stand out against the rest, include some items in the decorations. Sometimes a surfboard and ropes can make a beach theme.

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DIY Hanging Plants

Make hanging plant pots from recycled items and hang them on a wall or backyard fence.

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Wall Art from Frames

When you buy Simple Frames and place them in your Insides randomly, it becomes trendy. These simple frames flatter any interior without taking a lot of time and effort.

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String Light Decor

When the wording is difficult to understand, one could go with string lights. This includes any sort of exteriors or indoors. String lights are perfect for putting up on an outdoor area and it looks even better at night time even more.

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Modern Metal Wall Art

One example of wall art for a modern outdoor setting is metal art. These abstract sculptures are minimalistic and show some eye-catching details. You can also go for the more dramatic styles, just keep your outdoor space in mind.

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Bird Houses

Since they first appeared on the market, the popularity of small birdhouses has only increased. You can install one of these birdhouses on your backyard wall and they will provide homes for a lot of birds! The happy chirping of these birds will sound so comforting in the morning hours.


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