What Decorating Style is Wrought Iron? [Answered]

Last updated on May 16, 2024

Wrought iron decor elements can be considered classic and traditional because this handmade way of decor has been used for centuries.

Wrought iron is a type of metal that has been shaped by hammering or pressing. It can be used to make fences, gates, railings, furniture, and other items.


wrought iron decor

Lamps are typical pieces of decor in a home, and one of the ways that wrought iron is typically seen today. Old lanterns that use candles are a traditional favorite, but there is also the option of going for oil lamps or modern-day lighthouses. If you have enough space in your entryway consider installing a chandelier or pendant lamp. Another option would be to hang lights from the ceiling with chains or to place them on your table.

The use of wrought-iron in decorations is very common in homes today with traditional favorites being chandeliers and old-fashioned lanterns that run on fuel like oil lamps or candles among others.

Cabinet Hardware and Doors

Use wrought iron as cabinet knobs and handles to provide a more subtle look without dominating the room. Also, use wrought iron hinges and locks on your doors. Lastly, use wrought iron as door veneer either on just the cabinet doors or also the regular floor-level doors.

To create a more subdued design aesthetic in your home, consider cabinet knobs made out of wrought iron for your cabinets. Handle options include door knockers with pleasant designs and shapes to add character to libraries and bathrooms.


Wrought-iron furniture can give any room a subtle, industrial look. One option is a coffee table with glass on top, which lets us see the metal beneath it. Another option is buying a table entirely made out of wrought iron, which comes with many styles such as having a lattice top or being solid. There are even options where you can get an iron and wood dining table set with matching chairs.

Accent Strips, Wainscots, Panels and Ornamentation

A wrought-iron accent strip installed within a wall tile pattern can include the use of sheet metal panels installed on the walls for decorative reasons. Within these ways of installing wrought-iron ornamentation, you may select to use it on the wainscots or to utilize metal sheets as accents instead of (or in addition) to wood paneling or tiles.


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