How to Hang Letters on a Wall

Last updated on January 17, 2024

How to hang letters on a wall properly? Here’s a full guide with the answers to all of your questions. Read on!

Letter and word art is the best way to decorate a wall with a personal touch. It’s especially true if you use meaningful words or your monogram to decorate a room. And with so many styles (and DIY crafts) to choose from, you can really get that ideal wall letter look.

But how do you hang them? It may seem trivial, but it’s not quite that. Depending on where you get your decorative letters (if you buy them you might get instructions on hanging them too), you will need to think this through:

  • Is this permanent? Can you do permanent changes to the wall?
  • How heavy are the letters? Will the wall mounts hold the weight?
  • What room is it?
  • What message should it bring across?

Thinking all this through does really help you prevent mistakes and doing the same thing twice (lest you do damage to the wall and have to fix it). So after you go through this, we have quite an article full of guidelines for all purposes and cases of letter hanging.

Let us start with letter types.

Wooden Wall Letters

wood wall letter

Wooden letters are one of the popular ways to use letter art in wall decor. It might be the most popular, actually. It’s perhaps the only way to create a rustic or farmhouse look by just using wood and well, words.

As they are so popular, there are several types of wooden letters to consider too. Mainly, it concerns their weight. That determines the method you will be using to hand them on the wall. We cover all of these types below.

Small Wooden Letters

Small wooden letters are generally light so you can use generic tape. Draw a line on the wall with a pencil. Roll the tape into tiny tubes with the adhesive facing outwards. Put these behind the letters and stick them on the wall one by one following the line you made.

Large Wooden Letters

Larger letters are heavier so you need to use heavy-duty adhesive like Velcro strips or double-sided tape. Place multiple pieces of tape across the back of the letters to make sure that there is enough support to keep them on the wall. The shape of each letter will determine proper placement.

Hanging Block Letters

Block letters are great for children’s rooms. Some already have ball and socket features built-in for quick vertical attachments. You will simply need to hang the topmost item in the chain. Drive a nail on the wall where you want these to go.

Wooden Letter Hooks

Wooden letter hooks are generally used to hold hats, coats, keys, and similar items. Therefore, you should fasten them in a secure manner to help them carry their loads. These usually have holes for nails and screws at the middle. Find the framing on the wall and drill a hole at your preferred spot.

The Best Way to Hang Wooden Letters on a Wall

stay home letters wood

The best way to hang the letters is one that can hold their weight and ensures that they don’t fall off unexpectedly. We’ve covered several methods in this article so we’ll leave it up to you to choose the fitting one. However, we can tell you with certainty that drilling and nailing wood letters to the wall will always sure they are securely and permanently mounted.

If you want the best results, then you should leave nothing to chance. Use a level to ensure a perfect horizontal line for your letters instead of estimating placement. Use a tape measure to check the spacing. Use painter’s tape when marking as it can be removed without leaving a trace.

Hanging Letters with Ribbon

You can hang letters using ribbon by attaching strips with a hot glue gun. Do this for two points along the top of each letter for better support. Tie the ends of the ribbons to effectively create a top handle. Hang these on hooks or pin them to a wire mesh.

Glue Wood to Wall

wood glue

You can glue wood to walls to create a preliminary bond. Make this last by using screws. Without this addition, wood is likely to come off after a while. The natural contraction and expansion due to temperature variation will weaken the initial bond. Moisture can also seep through outside walls and have the same effect.

Hang with Adhesives

When hanging letters with adhesives, consider the weight of the items. Pick options that can adequately carry the load. Many products declare their maximum capacities on the label. Generic tape is fine for light items while double-sided mounting tape is better for heavy items.

Hang with Hot Glue

adhesive color tape

Few people directly hang letters on a wall with hot glue. They usually glue letters to ribbons, ropes, and similar materials. These can then serve as the line that can go on a hook. The letters will be easier to adjust if you glue two points instead of just one.

Hang with Mounting Tape

Mounting tape is handy when you need to hang heavy objects. These have strong adhesives that enable them to hold up to 30lbs. Some are useful for both indoor and outdoor applications. Place strips of mounting tape across the back of the letters for even support.

Metal Wall Letters

metal- wall letter

Metal wall letters are the choice when you want to have a modern (or a more imposing) decor accent. They have all the different requirements for wall mounting as well. For one, they are usually a lot heavier than their wooden counterparts. They can also have extra features like marquee lighting which require extra wiring.

So here are all the different ways how you can hang your metal wall letters.

Hang Metal Letters with Studs

Stick a paper template on the wall and mark the vital points. Drive a nail through the markers and remove the template. Drill holes that are slightly wider than the studs. Put silicone in the holes and mount the metal letters. Tape these in place while waiting for the adhesive to set.

Hang Metal Letters with Spacers

If you don’t like the letters to stick too close to the wall (a floating effect), then use spacers. The process is still the same for the initial stages: mark, nail, and drill. Slide these spacers over the studs prior to the use of adhesive. Mount the letters and enjoy the floating effect.

How to Hang Cardboard Letters on a Wall

cardboard letters

Cardboard letters may seem like a cheap way to decorate walls (for a party or an occasion), but in fact, if you’re crafty you can turn them into the permanent decor. Just take the example above of how yarn turns them into the gorgeous rustic decor.

Hanging cardboard letters is even easier. Because they are very lightweight, simple double-sided tape will do. You can even hang them on a string forming a garland.

Hanging Letters on a String

Drive two nails or screws to a wall and tie each end of the string. If you are planning to use a long string, then add more nails to prevent excessive sagging. Attach a hook to each letter and hang them. You can also use clothespins to keep them in place.

How to Hang Paper Mache Letters on a Wall

Paper mache is lighter and cheaper than wood so it’s a nice material for DIY projects like hanging letters. Velcro hangers work great. Small hanging strips will usually get the job done. These make it easier to adjust orientation if you make an error.

How to Hang Balloon Letters on a Wall

balloon wall letter

Install a fishing line or any similar material on a wall using removable hooks. The line is translucent so it should disappear when looking at a distance. This will make the letters seem like they are floating in mid-air. Use tape if you want additional support. These will also keep them at their spot.

How to Hang Velcro Wall Letters

Find picture hanging strips with Velcro. The side with the adhesive faces the wall while the Velcro side faces the letters. Stick these at your preferred spots. Each of the letters will also have their own Velcro strips. Simply put the two together to form an attachment.

How to Hang Wall Letters Evenly

hanging letters evenly

When you’re hanging separate letters to form a word or a quote, it is important to find a way to keep them mounted evenly. After all, you don’t want to have a sloppy design staring at you (unless that’s intentional for a playful effect.) So what do you do? Some kind of measuring and leveling is needed.

The best way to ensure an even design is using templates. However other easier options are available as well:

  • Draw guidelines on the wall with a pencil by using a level and a ruler. Mark the mounting points and hang the letters.
  • Trace the letters on the wall with a pencil. This may only be available with lightweight letters.
  • Use painters tape to mark the spots.
  • Use the template.

Hang Wall Letters with Paper Template

Hanging letters is one thing but ensuring they are even is another. When dealing with heavy items, use paper templates that you can easily stick to the wall with tape. Adjust and put guide marks when you are satisfied with the alignment. Drill holes through these marks, remove the templates and hang the letters.


Here are a few more common question you may ask:

How to hang letters on wall without nails?

You can use a variety of alternatives. Light items can be hung with plain tape and sticky tack. Heavier items can be hung with hooks and lines or clothespins and ribbons. Picture hanging strips can be repurposed for this project. Double-sided mounting tape works well, too.

How to hang scrabble letters on wall without damage?

Scrabble letters don’t weight much so you can probably use painter’s tape rolled with the adhesive facing out. Stick the letters on one side and hang them on the wall however you want. You can quickly remove them without damage afterwards.

How to hang vinyl letters straight on wall?

Vinyl letters usually have adhesive backing. All you need is to clean the wall surface, mark a straight line using a level, align letters accordingly, remove the backing, and rub the letters against the wall to make them stick while getting rid of air bubbles.

How to hang nursery wall letters?

You can spell your baby’s name with the products that you bought. Now you need ideas on how to hang letters. Remember to place these away from the crib to prevent injury in case they fall. You can attach ribbons at the back and hang them from nails or hooks.


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