How to Hang Wrought Iron Wall Art

Last updated on June 18, 2024

This article will show you how to hang wrought iron wall art.

In a nutshell:

Step 1: Measure the height of the wall art and add about 2 inches to that measurement. This is the length of wire you will need for hanging your piece. Cut a piece of wire that is this length and attach it to one end of your wrought iron wall art with a small nail or screw.

Step 2: Attach the other end of your wire to a nail in the wall, making sure that it is level with where you want your piece hung on the wall. Hang up your wrought iron wall art by attaching it to this nail in the wall using another small nail or screw.

How to Hang Wrought Iron

wrought iron wall art

Heavy wrought-iron art on a wall may seem like disaster waiting to happen, but the reality is that knowing how to hang wrought-iron art does not stop the situation from happening.

You can hang these types of art by clipping simple wire baskets onto the hooks. One can also purchase a devoted hanging frame with a back that has slotted openings for the metal hooks.

Metal wall art offers a way of decorating a room that is less traditional than framed paintings, prints or photographs. The metal is typically framed and offered to the purchaser in a variety of shapes and colors. They are designed to be installed with ease by the customer directly onto the surface they hope to cover. Metal wall art has undergone a surge in popularity as its versatility and frame style adds an eye-catching touch to any room.

Installing your piece of steel wall art is a task that requires care to have a clean set-up. You can choose from a variety of hanging hardware for mounting. These items are available in designs and models with straightforward mounting, or there are also variations that need extra work to install such as any double-sided & versatile gadgets.

When choosing the tips for hanging metal art, one of the choices you have is a magnetic hanger. There are many of them to choose from, but what makes them so perfect for this particular type of art is that they’re easy to hang and clean with and that they are powerful enough to handle it even if it’s more than 25 pounds. They’re durable as well with a triple coat polish on the magnet for maintenance. Use them for any piece of steel wall art in your house;

Clutter-Free Hanging Wire

The invisible hanging string is an excellent idea and creative way of suspending metal decorative items. The thin wire is made with long-lasting nylon which can barely be detected by uninformed people, even when the wall or backdrop color changes. It creates the illusion that the decoration is flying midair which makes it a perfect option for use on ceilings, walls, moldings and much more.


Some ways to hang wall art on a metal wall are using integrated D-hooks both on the right and left sides of the metal art piece. The hooks provide an opening where you can tie the string and suspend the art on a screw or nail. For overhanging décor, D-rings can be created on several sides to allow it to suspension evenly from the ceiling without any detection of rope.

Nails and Screws

Steel nails and screws can be used to hang your metal wall art inside the home or outside of the home on many walls surfaces at various rooms. Except for bathrooms, your hanging medals will look best in every room or area. Nails do not require a powered drill machine while screws require one but is typically less expensive and more discreet.

Nails and screws can be used to hang your metal decorations on different surfaces of different rooms in your own house.

Wreath Hanging Hardware – available square-shaped hook and gently curving loop, offers hassle-free mounting product.

If you want to securely mount your metal art on the wall but also want a 3D design look, standoff metal structures are the best option. There are three types of standoff hardware available and you can use one of them for hanging your steel art in your bathroom setting.


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