20 Beautiful Wall Curtain Ideas for Your Room

Last updated on August 17, 2020

Looking for the best wall curtains to put up in your room? Then you’re in the right place as we’ve got the best ideas here. Read on!

Wall curtains are very flexible and can be used even without windows. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and can be used with different tools like rods or hooks to hang them, even stapling them is doable.

Depending on the color, it can make the room bigger or smaller and even make it darker or brighter and more accommodating.

So don’t make it hard for yourself and read all of our ideas to help you get the perfect wall curtain. Check these out!

What's Inside?

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What Are Wall Curtains

What Are Wall Curtains

A curtain wall is an aluminum-framed wall that is usually thin and contains glass, metal panels, or thin stone. It’s attached to the building and it doesn’t carry floor or roof loads of the entire building. It’s an outer covering that keeps the weather out.

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Curtains as Wall Decor

Curtains As Wall Decor

Curtains don’t just keep you safe from too much sunlight but it can also be used as a wall decoration. You can do this by either hanging the panels on a ceiling-mounted rod or track or you can staple the curtain headers.

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Curtains on Wall Without Window

Curtains On Wall Without Window

Even if you don’t have windows, curtains can still be a great asset to make your room beautiful especially if it matches the whole interior style. There are different ways to stick it to the wall like stapling or hanging.

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How to Cover a Wall with Curtains

How To Cover A Wall With Curtains

Curtains can cover walls and by doing so, it can be used to cover cracks or outdated wallpapers. One option on how to cover a wall using curtains is by using an electrical conduit and design your own rods if you want to cover a big chunk of the wall.

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Creative Ways to Hang Curtains

Creative Ways To Hang Curtains

Rods aren’t the only tool for hanging curtains as there are many different ways. There are hooks which are a common alternative, then there are doorknobs, spoons, and even belts that are unique and you wouldn’t imagine you can use them.

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How to Hang Curtains from Ceiling

How To Hang Curtains From Ceiling

The main solution to hang curtains from a ceiling is by power drilling and installing anchors then by curtain rods. However, different hooks like command hooks and coat hooks will also do the job as well as rod curtains.

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Adhesive Curtain Rod

Adhesive Curtain Rod
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An adhesive curtain rod is one option to use to hang curtains for your wall. It’s affordable and small so it doesn’t take too much space. It fits the curtains and blinds easily and if the glue is not enough, you can nail it as well.

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Wall to Wall Curtains

Wall To Wall Curtains

There are certain types of curtains that are really great for covering a big wall and it can be used for hiding something or if you just want to add value to the room. Like textured curtains that add depth to the interior.

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Floor to Ceiling Curtains Whole Wall

Floor To Ceiling Curtains Whole Wall

Big curtains will that reach even the floor will exaggerate the height and make the room look bigger and has more space than it looks. They do this by tricking our eyes and it will make our view of the room much greater.

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Wall Curtains in Living Room

Wall Curtains In Living Room

There are different types of curtains for the living room that’s perfect if you want guests to be amazed in what you can do. There’s the classic silk, versatile cotton, the luxurious velvet and linen that is light.

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Wall Curtains Bedroom

Wall Curtains Bedroom

For bedrooms, heavy fabric curtains are recommended such as thick cotton, linens, and rich velvet. If they’re lined up with blackout fabric, they can keep too much light from coming in. This can provide a really good sleep.

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Should Curtains Match Wall Color?

Should Curtains Match Wall Color

It’s really up to you if you want to match the color of the curtains to your interior but it’s important that whatever color you choose should complement the room like solid colors for a classic look or using 2 or 3 shades for a subtler look.

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Wall Dividers Curtains

Wall Dividers Curtains
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Curtains can also be used as a wall divider if you want to add some extra privacy in a room. It’s very cheap and you can choose what kind of curtain to use but thick fabric with dark colors are recommended.

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Wall Sconces for Curtains

Wall Sconces For Curtains
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Sconces are vintage looking tool that can be used for hanging curtains too. It can accommodate curtain rods in different sizes and gives a classic or rustic look. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Wall Mural Curtains

Wall Mural Curtains
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If you’re on the artistic side, why not use a curtains with mural on it? It will truly show the artist inside you. They’re typically easy to install and can be removable too. Different arts and designs are available so you have all the options.

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Blush Curtains on Grey Wall

Blush Curtains On Grey Wall

Blush curtains are a perfect fit for grey walls as it can complement the wall very much. It’s a good match with different types of grey wall like dark grey or blue grey. It gives off a luxurious feeling whenever you see it.

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Curtains for Red Wall

Curtains For Red Wall

Depending on the curtains you use, it can significantly change the way your room with a red wall look. White curtains can make it look bigger while using gold or purple would make it sophisticated and luxurious.

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1950s Wall Curtains

1950s Wall Curtains
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1950s wall curtains are full of colors and have a cheerful vibe that’s perfect for different colors of the wall but especially with white ones. Common colors for 1950s style curtains are pink, red, green, and orange.

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Magenta Wall Teal Curtains

Magenta is like a purplish red color and the perfect color of a curtain for this a magenta wall is teal because it is versatile and will complement the wall. Teal gives the tropic feel as it’s a combination of green and blue.

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Grey Wall Black Curtains

Grey Wall Black Curtains

Black curtains for a grey wall gives off a strong statement and can even be an attraction to whoever enters the room. It’s a great way to darken the room if you don’t want to let too much sunlight in the room.


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