What Colors Go with Burgundy Furniture [8 Ideas]

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Here are the color schemes that go well with burgundy furniture in your interior design. We have 8 ideas for you to consider. Read on!

Burgundy furniture is classic, and you need to coordinate your colors and accents around it (much like cherry wood and mahogany furniture). Luckily, most neutral colors and off-whites work to emphasize this furniture in your decor.


Black Shades

Choose from various white colors to add to your burgundy bits and almost any paint and decorative theme. White can open a room visually, making it look larger and brighter than it is. White-toned walls often contrast strikingly with rich bourgeois furniture. Avoid “white hospital paint on the walls and trimming because it can look strong and unimaginative, easily showing dirt and a “rental” look; however you can use bright white ceiling paint to make an appearance in a larger space.

Color Matching

It is almost challenging to align the Bourgogne paint with the Bourgogne furniture. Burgundy hues can be found in several color depths, absorb light at various angles, and simultaneously produce multiple shades. Although the paint square can fit the store’s fabric swatch, your home light sources vary widely from lighting in a paint shop and create a visual decorating nightmare with different, clashing hues.

Options for Terrific Trim

Choose a paint color to reveal your bourgeois furniture for baseboards, window frames, and door trims. Select a painting tone that accentuates existing furnishings like throwing pillows, lamps, and tapestry in the room to create a color coordination subject. Choose the darker paint color for the trim to create a fantastic color contrast if you have light-colored walls. The white color choice for windows, doors, and baseboards is neutral.

Color Combinations

Paint shops typically have sample paint cards in their shop with proposed color groups called sets. The organized color clusters are designed to be used in a single room or your building. After choosing a base color for your walls, pick a paint hue for the trim, an additional color for one accent wall, and a coordinated shade for the ceiling from the other range in the group. You may want to create a custom color combination on your own if you do not like the ready-made color collections or consult an interior designer.

Scheme of Color and Mood

You can choose the main accent to harmonize with the burgundy sofa and set the mood for your room. For this reason, a rough surface – or a large piece of wall art, like a painting or a tapestry – works well. The colors of the object will lead to the entire color scheme. Choose a paint scheme and shop to match furniture. For color variations, a color wheel helps. For instance, green forest complements burgundy. Accent colors include light blue or aqua tones. The magenta shades may be secondary, such as coral, salmon, or fuchsia. You may also choose a neutral color, and the primary color for space and the secondary color is burgundy.


You can build an accent wall in a different color than the other three walls if you’re going to paint the room. Not only does an emphasized wall draw the eye to a unique feature like wall art, sculpture, or other decors, but also a different color weight in a room, if you do not like the burgundy sofa to dominate the set. Another choice, Wallpaper, provides several ways to match the walls with a burgundy sofa. You may pick a Victorian motif for a formal room or a contemporary print to be used as a wall décor alone without wall art.


Coordinate metals with burgundy, including bronze, brass, silver, gold, and copper. A glass or metal coffee table or end table goes well with the burgundy. If the burgundy couch is bulky, it can be more spacious with a glass or reflected coffee table. Light to medium wood finishes, including maple and oak, work with burgundy. Dark furniture like walnut, black lacquer, and cherry can make your room look dark but can look nice with light walls, window treats, and a vibrant rug, like an Oriental rug or a contemporary geometric print. Choose polished pillows and other accents in neutral colors or gold or yellow-green, solids or prints.


A Burgundian sofa is supplemented by pure curtains and richly textured or satin finishing clothes in a traditional space. Add updated window treatments for contemporary rooms, such as shades, Roman shades, bamboo blinds in a neutral or coordinating color. A zesty rug like blue, green, or salmon will complement the deep hue of the sofa. In the case of a bamboo mat, a shag rug with a multicolored print, the couch may be counterbalanced. The dull sofa with mood lighting can be set off by lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or a pendant light on a dimmer switch, or wall sconces mounted above either side of the sofa.


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