What Colors Go with Burgundy Carpet? [7 Ideas]

Last updated on June 15, 2024

Here are the colors you can use in your interior design with a burgundy carpet. It’s a challenge, but you can do it with these 7 ideas. Read on!

The burgundy carpet is overwhelming. It dictates the entire room design (not just the anchor). So your choice of colors for wall paint, furniture, window treatment, and accents is very important. Use contrasting and just as powerful colors to create a vibrant scheme.


All in One Color

Red-blue blend – permanent magenta and permanent roses are reds that have plenty of blue – with very minimal quantities of viridian, green, or abroad. An approximation of burgundy will also give you a little violet, a clear blue, or an off-brown burnt sienna.

Turquoise and teal sheets and upholstery with a burgundy rug are refreshing. If the rug itself is modeled, render a serene, elegant contrast with solid silk turquoise linen on the surface. Light shades make intense colors pop, so they work in white or cream – in the fabric pattern in the space or the paint system.

Butter and Honey

A burgundy that tends to the grenade is wet — there is some yellow in it. Paint a soft honey gold wall and a linen or cream cover to make the sparkle out of a burgundy oriental tapestry. You can lay eclectic décor and textures in a cozy space with the mix – a warm wood dining table and chairs or a rustic or sweet tobacco sofa and jade lampshades in the living room. The buttery softness of chamois is another winner in the walls, which may help master the modern furnishings of hard-line glass and steel and serve as a neutral background for string painting or ethnic painting. A touch of charcoal or black — framed by a fireplace or a tapestry border — sets the red and yellow sunny and prevents the colors from being read as “floaty.”

Ivory Cream

The shades of ivory, cream, and white come alive in a bedroom. Whites and neutrals rest the eye in color theory, allowing powerful colors to appear real, not muted. Use burgundy carpet in a bedroom with a milk-white ceiling, cloud-white wallpaper, fern green, turquoise, magenta, tropical, forest green, and white chevron toss pillows against wine-red, linen velvet, and satin.

The rich color splashing against the pale shades pulls the rug color up into the room without overpowering it and is an elegant, comfortable, and light overall effect.

The Walls

Room size and mood to build play into the wall treatments for a room based on the maroon tapestry. Choose saturated colors, including chocolate brown and charcoal gray, to match a big traditional room and contrast with a medium blue on the remaining walls. A smaller, more relaxed space requires a lighter, airier color palette.

Paint a golden brown all four divisions — like sand — to open the room. If you have a country-style space, consider a country print on a wallpaper border. Install a beadboard halfway up the wall for a cottage atmosphere. Paint chocolate with brown or soft white on top. Indicate objects such as a series of plates with room colors embedded in their designs with a display shelf across the wall’s top.

The Windows

The shades of bamboo are a great window for a casual space. Your natural brown color complements your maroon tapestry. Consider floor-length draperies in a more formal area that feature a rayed, paisley, or floral pattern with a room’s color palette, including the same shade of maroon as the carpet.

The Furniture

A sofa covered or tiled in nubby linen works well with a maroon carpet. The natural light sand hue in the linen serves as a foil for your tapestry’s deep red. Add pattern pillows which represent the remaining colors in the room. Make sure that there are maroon pops to tie the couch to the tap. Toss the cotton maroon on the back of the sofa, or pick the deep maroon, brown, blue, and white quilt. Pair the sofa with club chairs of dark brown leather. For a more formal location, choose a camel-back sofa with an excellent style, brown, blue, and maroon. In particular, dark woods fit well with maroon. Pair the carpet and the mahogany bedroom suite in your bedroom. Choose a dark-stained table and chairs in the dining room.

The Accessories

Pull the room with some well-selected accessories. Regardless of your taste in art, hang up paintings representing it and the room’s color palette. A massive bunch of smaller bits fills the space above your sofa. Underline a bookcase of books bound with maroons. Old encyclopedias can be collected for almost nothing in the flea markets and are mostly decorated in red colors. Light the room with lamps with shades in stained glass that incorporate the remaining colors of the room.


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