What Color Walls Go with Maroon Carpet? [Solved]

Last updated on September 4, 2023

What color walls go with maroon carpet? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are trying to decorate their homes. The answer to this question is that it depends on the type of maroon carpet you have. If you have a light maroon carpet, then any color will work well with it. If you have a dark maroon carpet, then you should stick to lighter colors for your walls.


earthy wall

Different ambiances call for different colors and patterns on the walls of a room. Rooms that are traditional and large require more saturated colors, like chocolate brown and charcoal gray, to bring out depth into the room’s ambiance. For more casual rooms, lighter earthy colors such as sand are best. Country prints or beadboard can both be used to create a country-style interior in your home. Smaller rooms can be spruced up by applying pale blue or cream color onto many of the walls’ surfaces, or around the top of them with delicate decorations highlighting how they warm up the space.


Windows are a must for modern life in some places. They can be very practical to keep your house cool or warm depending on the location and time of year. There are many different types, including bamboo shades, floor-length draperies with a striped pattern, as well as many others. Choose wisely when you’re deciding which window treatments to use in your home into order to create the perfect space for yourself!


A nubby linen couch is effective when paired with a maroon rug. The natural color from the linen will be an interesting element to contrast with the deep red carpet. The two colors should be complementary, so include some pops of maroon in various forms in this room. Consider a cotton quilt or throw in a maroon, blue, light brown and white pattern to add layers on the couch. For more formality, try upholstering your camel-back sofa with an plaid design that also has these colors and textures. Dark wood furniture is excellent to use with a red rug like this one as well.

For example: A nubby linen couch is good when placed alongside a bright red rug rug.


If drawing inspiration from the room’s colors, then to create a unified mood, choose furniture and wall coverings in colors that match the theme.

Space can be pulled together with well-chosen accessories. Painting a space with one large or grouping of smaller pieces which are all in the same color scheme can make up for an empty wall. Highlight a bookcase with matching-bound books and old encyclopedias are good for this also because they are usually redish shades. Lamps that have shades of stained glass following the color theme add color when lit as well as complimenting it while unlit (country living).


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