What Colors Go with Burgundy Curtains [13 Ideas]

Last updated on June 15, 2024

This post goes on to discuss what colors go well with burgundy curtains, and provides examples of how different colors can be used in the room.

What colors go with burgundy curtains? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking to decorate their homes. The answer is not as simple as it may seem.

Bedroom Colors with Burgundy Curtains

burgundy curtains

A look that never goes out of style is burgundy curtains matching a light blue painted wall. This light-colored paint cover a large portion of the room and has that soothing vibe as it mimics the general color pallet of a starry sky’s dome above.

The perfect color scheme is matches burgundy curtains in a bedroom with light blue paint on the walls. This color matches well to provide soothing atmosphere in the room.

Stay Neutral

Bergundy can be a mixture of red with black or navy colors. The neutral colors such as light brown or tan go well with deep red colors found in burgundy. Gray can work as a beautiful neutral color for walls in a room covered in burgundy window treatments. A shade of gray with blue or purple undertones is recommended when decorating with burgundy curtains. For a more dramatic look, choose charcoal gray.

Complementing Hues

In color theory, schemes that use amples or similar colors are called analogous. Burgundy and gold/mustard blue are an analogous pair, utilized by historic painters. Muted dusty blue and burgundy work together nicely as a complementary scheme. Burgundy walls provide the perfect for mustard yellow to brighten up the space with patterns such as flowers or leaves.

In color theory, there’s a variety of schemes that utilize colors that are typically similar or pairs of amples colors.

Cool Shades

A good option for burgundy curtains is using a green from the complementary opposite on the color wheel. The key to maintaining balance with the complementary hues is how saturated and intense they are.

Tonal Scheme

Tonal scheme is a concept that results in design with consistency, unity and balance to a layout. There are three main colors to choose from: red, yellow and blue. These colors produce a variety of moods. It is most advisable to stick with one color in art projects because it will make the difference stand out more.

A design concept that produces consistancy in an area is known as tonal scheme. There are three common colours used;

Homes have to be designed with the colors in mind of the people who will live in them. Building a color scheme for a home is much like composing a piece of music. What you choose influences your surroundings.

Homes need to take on color depending on who lives in it, as how you decorate influences their surroundings.

Brown Walls

What might be some colors of curtains that would complement brown walls? Berries and earthy colors are going to pair well with browns. Reds, oranges, and golds can have some nice contrast though when partnered against something as minimal in color as a brown wall. Light blues will also do very nicely when paired with dark browns.

Serene Colors

Some colors- especially cool ones-are said to be calming. Soothing color schemes are specifically not at all stimulating but rather enhance concentration levels.

Burnt Orange

Two things should be done to remodel a master bedroom. The first is painting the walls a bright colour and the second is making an effort to divide up the room with different pieces of furniture. When planning on painting your walls orange stick with a deep shade that does not portray elegance or warmth.

Purple Walls

First, one would need to clean the walls and then dry them thoroughly before proceeding to paint them. If one is unfamiliar with painting or unsure of their skills, it might be a good idea to consult a professional for this step. One can also buy some furniture such as cushions for the couch or a washing machine from Walmart since they might work nicely in purple color scheme.

Tangerine Walls

Find the color you would like to use in your room. Decide if the whole wall will be that color or if tangerine will be featured as an accent. Next, choose the right paint applicator for what type of surface you’ll need to paint, whether it’s a roller, brush, or spray paint. Place painters tape around your handiwork boundaries before painting and give 24 hours for drying time.

Burgundy Curtains and Gray Walls

Some of the easiest ways that one may try to decorate a living room around worn burgundy curtains with aging white walls is by adding touches of white in little ways- such as furniture pieces and window treatments. The balance between bright, warm colors and the coolness of whites creates an alluring appeal in this type of atmosphere.

How to Use Greens and Golds

Pull from greens and golds when designing the colors for your room. Hint: Greens make blue tones more inviting, adding an edge of serenity to paintings and reflecting the nature outdoors. Golds usually blend with reds and oranges to produce warmer accents, reflecting flower and foliage tones out-of-doors.

Brown and Green Colors

Decorating is the process of improving a house to make it appealing and comfortable for occupants. In most cases, interior decorators will replace items, make adjustments in where to put them, along with what colors and shades are used. Decorators feel that people are drawn into colored rooms more than ones that are just white or ‘hollow’.


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