How to Hang Masks on a Wall [7 Ways]

Last updated on October 19, 2023

Have a few masks to show off as wall art in your home decor? Here are a few ways how you can do it aesthetically. Read on!

Whether at a local art fair or holidays abroad, masks can be unbelievable tidbits in your life and give you an aura of charm and secrecy. Even a simple masquerade mask show will produce a bold accent, but the best effects must be seen in the stands and bookcases.

Use one of those methods to show your masks on the wall, where your guests can wake their different shapes and colors and have fun talking.

masks on the wall

Mask Hanging Ideas

Mask Hangers

The obvious way to hand masks is, of course, by using a mask hanger or a wall mount, particularly for bigger masks (those that are intended to cover your head.) These plastic and metal hangers, which can be pulled into the wall from costume stores and online stores, allow you to show your masks straight. The masks themselves often hide the hangers, so you can play with the idea that the masks float over the wall. This is suitable for displaying a masquerade mask to convey the mystery of the pieces.

Yarn and Wires

The old, tested way of hanging masks on the walls can still be one of the most effective for flatter Venetian or African masks. But if you hang a large number of masks at once, it can take time. While several masks that have been purchased commercially will have hardware specially for wall mounts, wear masks can be seen by rope, ribbon, or string. If the mask has links, they can be replaced or strengthened with the yarn, drawn, and attached so that the mask can be attached like a painting. If this mask is missing, the strong wire, which is crossed in the middle to create a circle, may be used for a custom install. Only bend the ends of the wire length and protect the mask by the eyeholes. To save it more, you can tap the looped wire in wax, but that helps you fasten the mask on a simple nail or wall hook.


You can create your masks and protect them with a foam insert if you want your show to feel more like an art gallery. While the mask framing itself may be quite tricky – one you will need assistance from a professional framer to achieve – this will allow you to easily show your masks on the wall and provide you with the option to rearrange without distraction. You may also play the concept of removing the glass from the case. A framed display of colorful, ceramic Mardi Gras Masks can even solve the problem of a mask that looks a little tacky on its own and can build a haunting picture on a black background – in the right way!

Mask Gallery

Don’t just confine yourself to decorative masks. Feel free to add other artworks, plants, and decorations to create an eclectic corner. The eclectic look here works well because the colors are matched in the furniture and artwork.

Make your escalator more fun by constructing a mask gallery. The image displays a set from around the world that shows the eyes as you climb the stairs up and down the wall. This mask collection is a lovely gallery wall idea for those who would like to spice up mainly dressed areas of the house.

This gallery has an aura of a museum, but it fits nicely since the colors, and modern architecture are complementary. While you don’t have to put your collectibles in boxes, they don’t get damaged. The numerous blue shades stand out from the white backdrop and accessories.

Focus Pieces

Add geometric accents to the dimension of your gallery. The pillows, masks, and white accents contain black. The comparison between black and white gives a futuristic look.

Geometric Positioning

Color and masks are combined in a great way, and it introduces the light factor. The corner will be a lovely inspiration, a place to display your collection or a beautiful seating area where you can talk with friends. The statues and accents complement the masks and works of art.

Color Play

Bring your masks out by placing them on a beautifully colored wall. The masks provide a pleasant focal point on a turquoise wall. The eye is drawn to the masks by the neutral colors of the room.


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