How to Center a Picture on a Wall with a Door

Last updated on September 4, 2023

Hanging a picture on a wall that has a door poses quite the challenge. Here’s how to solve this conundrum. Read on!

The main problem with a door is that it can be closed or open. If it opens to the same side of the wall where the picture is hung, it changes the centering completely.

You can either center the picture leaving the same amount of space vacant at both sides of the door, so either leave the room at the door and the equivalent negative space on the left side. Or center them on the side of the wall next to the bed, leave the door blank.

If several artwork parts of a wall, doorway, or window split, level the middle of the works instead of the top or bottom of the frames. When the art hangs next to a trim, the edges are leveled parallel to the door side.

wall art door

When two pieces of art are hung between, for example, an upper trim of the wall and a heater below, the tops of the frames are leveled with the top of the trim and the side of the most prominent piece over the heater.

The top of the picture shows the frame of the entrance. Never hang photographs to fit the top of the door frame, so the shift of eye when viewing a room and thus the attention to your room does not occur.

The Height

This means that the artwork is hanging in the middle at 57 inches, the average human eye height. How do you do this?

Measure 57” from the floor and mark the spot gently with a pencil.

Measure the height of your artwork from this place. Divide it into two to find the core of the artwork

Pull up the wire on the back of the frame, as if hanging on the wall, and calculate the distance from the top of the wire to the top of the frame.

Subtract this number from the half-height of the artwork to locate the hook or nail

Label the spot gently on the wall where the nail or hook reaches above the mark of 57”.

Multiple Pieces of Art

The 57-inch rule also applies when many works of art of various shapes and sizes are hanged. The best way to do this is to portray all the pieces as one great piece of art. However, place the artworks first on the floor until you measure the center of the whole grouping. Alternatively, begin with the artwork you want to position in the center at 57”. If the first piece is completed, the rest of the works will continue to surround it.


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