Top 10 Popular Curtain Colors for Gray Walls

Last updated on June 11, 2024

You don’t need to fear your home decor looking cookie-cutter if your walls are in a shade of gray (yes, we just did that). Not if you pick the right curtain colors. Here are ten trusted variations. Read on!

Not many people would know, but gray is a neutral color that lets you experiment. Is it the new off-white builder-grade color? You don’t have to let it be so.

You may use colors like shades of green, yellow, red, and blue (think mint, lemon, mustard, or orange, and ocean blue) shades to entirely accompany the gray.

This depends, again, on your choice too; if you want to make the room feel warm, you can have dark shaded oranges such as burnt sienna, orange with brown tones, or mauve shades.

If you choose lighter colors, you cannot go wrong with blue shades such as blue and yellow tones like lemon yellow or a touch of pink.

Do not be afraid to experiment – be inspired by these ideas!

Gray Walls and Green Curtains


As green is complementary to warm grays, the green curtains provide a natural contrast to warm-gray walls. Curtains and pewter or greenish-silver tones complement each other. Mint-green curtains add unpredictable freshness to warm-gray dark walls, especially in a room with a glass-topped coffee table.

Juxtapose a subtle accent on cool, green-gray curtains with warm-gray walls. Curtain panels are used for intense green feel, particularly when matching light green pillows and sometimes upholstered chairs.

Gray Walls with Red, Orange, Coral, or Plum Curtains


The warm gray light walls, originating from the same hue, harmonize well with the Red Curtain Swags. Curtains in the orange-rotted tie-back fabric apply to orange-brown wood floors, and coral curtains juxtapose very well with warm-gray shades. Fiery orange-brown colors also work well, particularly when a neutral color scheme is preferred. Some warm gray walls have heavy purple undertones; in such cases, plum curtains with satin sight can achieve an interesting sound-on-ton effect.

Blue-Gray Walls with Burnt Sienna Curtains


The blue-gray paint is used in burnt sienna and purple-blue so that the burnt sienna curtains supplement blue-gray walls. In this classic pair, you will think tab curtain panels with geometric designs; greenish or pure blue-gray are also successful with burnt sienna. Curtains are conveniently matched with the orange-bronze wood floors, antique bronze lights, and warm-tone wood or orange-gold frames by blue-graphic and burnt sienna.

Green-Gray Walls and Red, Coral, or Orange-Brown Curtains


The green-gray walls are supplemented by red curtains, mainly when a red chair is included. Natural curtain designs also include green-gray and orange-brown, a variety of natural shapes. Greenish-silver rims, lights, and frames are combined with green-gray walls. A vibrant complementary interaction is formed using a green-gray selection, and olive tones and coral curtains provide a different alternative. The dark plum curtains against green-gray walls are balanced with antique black frames and light fixtures with a purple undertone.

Medium Gray Wall and Teal Curtains


Since grey and blue are cool colors, the curtains for your gray wall match naturally. We see the use of both a shimmering white sheet and a vast, teal-colored curtain. This small potted bonsai plant in matching teal is a lovely curtain-colored mirror and is delicate and subtle.

Green-Gray Walls and Mustard Curtain

The color of your curtain will accumulate different colors from the color of your paint. The bright dark yellow curtains and furnishings in similar shades reveal the green colors in the gray walls. It is always a fair idea to hang up and see how the play of light from large windows can affect the look in a swath of colored fabric.

Gray Walls and Ocean Blue Sheer Curtains

This is just another example of a space with a lot of texture. It’s a lot for the eye between the walls, the floor, and the foliage outside the window. That’s why keeping it simple with a clear pure, but a pop of different colors works so well to break up the grey.

Gray Walls and White Textured Curtains


With the white textured curtains and sheers, blueish gray walls look lovely.

Gray Walls and Rose Gray Curtains

A touch of rose shines in this fabulous hue of the living room. To better play the wall’s color, curtains are double-hung: the backdrop of a charcoal curtain and the foreground of a brocade curtain.


Light blue-gray walls are perfect for tonal effects, such as blue-gray curtains with a contrasting pattern. A solid floral curtain with a glimmering blue-gray fabric merges into a stylish and seamless transition with blue-gray walls. In the mixture of stone and blue-gray curtain rods and light fittings, ancient black provides a tonal contrast in a cool tonal space. Layered green-gray curtains blend with greenish-silver rims and frames to provide a versatile backdrop. A wide variety of colors, including red, orange-brown, coral, warm-gray, feather, and bronze, covers the green-gray.


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