3 Types of Hanging Hardware

Last updated on May 17, 2024

This article will discuss the different types of hanging hardware.

The first type is a wire hanger. Wire hangers are typically made from thin metal wire and are used to hang clothes on a clothes rack or in a closet.

The second type is a plastic hanger, which is usually made from polystyrene foam and can be found in most closets. Plastic hangers are often used for more delicate clothing items such as blouses, dresses, skirts, and slacks because they do not leave any marks on the fabric as metal wire does.

The third type of hanging hardware is called an S-hook or “S” hook which has two hooks that come together at the top to form an “S” shape.

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Hanging Hardware vs. Mounting Hardware

The aforementioned are the basic types of hardware that can be used to hold a piece of art on the wall. Hanging Hardware is what attaches to Mounting Hardware which is then driven by someone into a wall to hold artwork using screws, hooks, or nails.

The Basics

An armature is a structure including both rods and wire that holds back surface decoration against the backing. Canvas stretchers are composed of wooden bars that stretch canvas taut and staple it to its surface. The back side of the top stretcher bar, typically on the hanging side, is where all attachments such as wire ties are.

Built-in Wall Decor Hangers

How do you attach wall decor to a wall? There are many choices in how to mount an item on the wall. One way is by using a slot. Slotted hangers have a recessed pocket with screws that are inserted or fixed from behind of the item place onto the back of it. The screws will then go through the bottom of the bracket screw and into the top causing it to hang on the backside from two sides. Another type of hanger has two types: keyhole slots and cutthole slots.


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