15 Vintage Boots Styling Ideas for Every Season

Last updated on May 12, 2024

Learn how to style vintage boots in fresh and innovative ways that breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Victorian Lace-up Boots

victorian lace up boots

Victorian lace-up boots are elegant and sophisticated footwear from the Victorian era, characterized by intricate lacing details and high-quality materials. They were a staple of fashion during the 19th century and are now prized by collectors for their historical significance and timeless style.

1920s Flapper T-strap Boots

1920s flapper t strap boots

Lightweight and stylish, 1920s flapper T-strap boots were a popular choice for women during the Jazz Age. The T-strap design added a touch of elegance to flapper fashion. The boots were often adorned with embellishments like beads and sequins, making them perfect for dancing the night away at Gatsby-esque parties.

WWII-era Military Combat Boots

wwii era military combat boots

WWII-era military combat boots were designed for durability and support during wartime conditions. They feature sturdy leather construction and thick rubber soles ideal for harsh terrains. These boots are practical, stylish, and have a rich history within the vintage fashion world.

60s Go-go Boots

60s go go boots

Go-go boots from the 60s were iconic for their bold colors and shiny materials that captured the essence of the era in a flashy and fun way.

70s Platform Boots

70s platform boots

70s platform boots were characterized by their thick soles, adding height and a bold statement to any outfit, reminiscent of the disco era.

Edwardian High-button Boots

edwardian high button boots

Edwardian high-button boots exude elegance and sophistication, boasting intricate button details and exquisite leather craftsmanship.

Cowboy Boots With Intricate Stitching

cowboy boots with intricate stitching

Cowboy boots with intricate stitching are a classic design element that adds flair and personality to the footwear. The detailed stitching can feature intricate patterns and designs, making each pair unique and a timeless fashion statement. Combined with durable leather, these boots are not only stylish but also long-lasting and comfortable for wearing all day long.

Leather Riding Boots From the 1930s

leather riding boots from the 1930s

Vintage leather riding boots from the 1930s exude timeless elegance and durability, perfect for adding a touch of classic style to any outfit.

Ankle Boots With Spats From the 1910s

ankle boots with spats from the 1910s

Ankle boots with spats from the 1910s were popular due to protection and style. Spats added elegance and kept dirt away from shoes. This combination was a fashion statement in the early 20th century.

Two-toned Brogue Boots From the 1940s

two toned brogue boots from the 1940s

Two-toned brogue boots from the 1940s offer a stylish and classic look, combining different colored leathers with decorative perforations, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Beatle Boots From the 1960s

beatle boots from the 1960s

Beatle boots emerged in the 1960s, featuring a Cuban heel and a pointed toe, influenced by the famous band. These boots were popular among fans of the Beatles and became a signature fashion statement of the era.

Velvet Embroidered Boots From the Victorian Era

velvet embroidered boots from the victorian era

Opulent velvet embroidered boots from the Victorian era added a touch of extravagance and sophistication to fashion ensembles. The intricate embroidery and luxurious materials showcased craftsmanship and attention to detail. These boots were a statement piece that exuded elegance and refinement. They were favored by the upper class for their exquisite design and symbol of status. Velvet embroidered boots were a fine example of blending fashion with artistry during the Victorian period.

Mod Boots With Geometric Patterns From the 60s

mod boots with geometric patterns from the 60s

Mod boots from the 60s feature striking geometric patterns on their design, adding a bold and stylish touch to any outfit.

80s Punk Rock Studded Boots

80s punk rock studded boots

80s punk rock studded boots showcased rebellious style with metal adornments.

Retro Ski Boots From the 70s

retro ski boots from the 70s

Retro ski boots from the 70s were designed for both style and function, featuring bold colors and funky designs to stand out on the slopes.


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