15 Stunning Ideas for Vintage Engagement Rings 1920s

Last updated on July 11, 2024

Discover unique ideas for vintage 1920s engagement rings that will add a touch of timeless glamour to your special moment.

Vintage engagement rings from the 1920s are not just sparkling baubles; they are shimmering time capsules. You might think you’ve read all there is, but I’m here to dazzle you with some fresh takes and whimsical angles.

Buckle up for a glittery journey through the Jazz Age, where we’ll tap into some unique, lesser-known aspects. Ready to get surprised and inspired? Let’s dive in!

Art Deco Platinum Ring With Geometric Patterns

art deco platinum ring with geometric patterns

An Art Deco platinum ring features intricate geometric patterns typical of the 1920s era, showcasing a unique and stylish design popular during that time.

Emerald-cut Sapphire With Baguette Diamonds

emerald cut sapphire with baguette diamonds

A vintage engagement ring from the 1920s featuring an emerald-cut sapphire surrounded by baguette diamonds exudes a classic and elegant Art Deco style. The sapphire’s unique shape paired with the geometric arrangement of the baguette diamonds creates a stunning and sophisticated look that is sure to stand out. This design captures the essence of the Roaring Twenties with its bold and glamorous aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a timeless piece with a touch of vintage charm.

Filigree Gold Ring With Diamond Solitaires

filigree gold ring with diamond solitaires

This Filigree gold ring with diamond solitaires showcases intricate metalwork with sparkling diamonds, embodying the elegance and sophistication of 1920s vintage engagement rings.

Hexagon-shaped Halo With a Central Diamond

hexagon shaped halo with a central diamond

A hexagon-shaped halo setting enhances the central diamond, creating a stunning vintage engagement ring reflecting the elegance and geometry of the 1920s aesthetic.

Antique Cushion-cut Diamond in a Floral Setting

antique cushion cut diamond in a floral setting

An antique cushion-cut diamond in a floral setting adds a touch of vintage romance to your 1920s engagement ring collection.

Rose-cut Diamond Cluster Ring

rose cut diamond cluster ring

Rose-cut diamond cluster rings offer a unique and elegant vintage look, combining multiple smaller diamonds to create a stunning, intricate design. The rose-cut diamonds have a flat base and facets that form a domed shape, enhancing the sparkle and creating a distinct appearance that stands out in a crowd. This style was popular in the 1920s and continues to be a sought-after choice for those looking for a romantic and timeless engagement ring option.

Ruby and Diamond in a Shield-style Design

ruby and diamond in a shield style design

A shield-style vintage engagement ring featuring rubies and diamonds evokes a sense of strength and protection in its design, making it a unique choice for those seeking a symbol of enduring love and commitment.

Milgrain Detailing With a Round Diamond

milgrain detailing with a round diamond

Milgrain detailing adds a delicate touch around the round diamond, enhancing its brilliance in a vintage engagement ring setting from the 1920s.

Asscher-cut Diamond in an Intricate Band

asscher cut diamond in an intricate band

An Asscher-cut diamond set in an intricate band captivates with its unique blend of vintage charm and modern elegance.

Onyx and Diamond Mix in a Bold Setting

onyx and diamond mix in a bold setting

This 1920s vintage engagement ring features a compelling combination of onyx and diamonds in a striking and daring setting, exuding elegance and boldness for a unique and timeless choice.

Sapphire Cabochon in a Platinum Band

sapphire cabochon in a platinum band

Featuring a sapphire cabochon set in a sleek platinum band, this vintage engagement ring exudes elegance and sophistication. The smooth, polished surface of the cabochon complements the lustrous sheen of the platinum, creating a timeless and luxurious design that is sure to stand out.

Pearl and Diamond With a Marquise Shape

pearl and diamond with a marquise shape

A marquise-shaped vintage engagement ring often features a combination of pearls and diamonds, creating a unique and elegant design that stands out from traditional engagement ring styles.

Emerald and Diamond in a Stepped Design

emerald and diamond in a stepped design

This vintage engagement ring features emerald and diamond stones arranged in a stepped design, exuding art deco elegance and sophistication.

Bakelite Ring With Embedded Diamond

bakelite ring with embedded diamond

Bakelite rings with embedded diamonds mark a stylish fusion of vintage materials in 1920s engagement jewelry, adding a unique touch to classic designs.

Diamond Pave in a Chevron Pattern

diamond pave in a chevron pattern

A diamond pave in a chevron pattern adds a modern twist to 1920s vintage engagement rings, offering a unique and eye-catching design.


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